Friday, June 6, 2008

Seeing Double

It's the eve of finals week for me, which means stress, lots of homework, and a sore back from sitting hunched in front of a computer staring at UV points for hours on end. I took some time off to post a picture for my friend, Mr. Wayne B. Medina, who was complaining at my lack of posts again. I promise Wayne, no more three month gaps between posting.

So, here's some artwork, this first one I've had for ages but I like it, and it actually inspired a story for my story writing class a couple quarters back, which in turn turned into an idea for a little comic of sorts, which I may or may not ever have time to do, even though it would be awesome-sauce, I tell you.
This second one is a bit newer, a character from the same story, though a totally different style and probably the eventual direction I'm going to go with for the comic idea.


EDIT: For some reason The lower left pic wasn't loading when you clicked on it, I'm not exactly sure why, I'll try reloading it but if it continues to not work I'll just put it in another post. Hmm...

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